Through the years I have heard many business owners insist on doing tasks themselves instead of delegating to a team member. Because of this, entrepreneurs end up feeling overwhelmed with their to-do list. They never seem to find enough time to do everything on their list. This can lead to burnout which in turn can affect your health.

Would your business survive if you broke a bone, got severely sick, or had to take time off to take care of a loved one?

Most entrepreneurs, especially new entrepreneurs have never even thought of this before.

Honestly, I never thought something like breaking my wrist would happen to me. Even when I first broke my wrist, I figured it wasn’t a big deal since I can always type with my left hand and use speech to text programs on my computer to complete my tasks.

Let me tell you, it was NOT that easy.

What happened to me can easily happen to anyone. I am here to tell you that you need to get your business set up in a way that will keep your business going while you are out of commission.

3 Things your business needs to keep you going during tough times 

  1. Marketing Automation is something that every online business needs to have in place. Having your nurture funnels, content marketing, and sales funnels automated will keep your tribe engaged, interested, and bringing in sales while you take time off to rest. Sales are the lifeline of your business and if you aren’t making sales, your business will suffer.
  2. Systems and Procedures must be in place in order to delegate tasks to team members. It is imperative that you have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) written for all tasks that you do. This will ensure that a team member can step in and get things done the way you like them. Get rid of the thought that nobody can do it like you do. If you have the processes written down, then others can implement your tasks in the same fashion you do. Having systems and procedures in your head help nobody, especially you and your business. You cannot be the only person who knows how to run your business if you expect to run a profitable and successful business. Someone other than you needs to know where to find important documents, how to get in touch with your clients, take care of your financial obligations, etc. Taking the time to write out these systems and procedures will save you time and money in the long run.
  3.  Team Members can keep your business moving forward while you deal with your hardship. Financial obligations don’t stop just because you are unable to work and team members can help you continue to bring in income while you recover. Big companies like Nike, Amazon, and Walmart didn’t get as big as they are by not having a team. There is a misconception that entrepreneurs need to have a large team. This is completely false. Many 6- and 7-figure online businesses are run by a team of 3 or less.

Find a Virtual Expert to add to your team today.

These 3 items are a part of every business foundation.

Do you have the 3 items in place? If not, why not? What is getting in your way?

Comment below and let me know.

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