Praise For the Team at Ultimate Virtual Solutions

“It’s my pleasure to provide this testimonial for Jeanette, who contracted with Hello Solutions, assisting us with operations and project management. As Jeanette’s direct manager who worked closely with her throughout her time here, I was impressed with her dedication, work ethic, and organizational skills. I’m confident that she has the skills to do well as a Business Manager for any future firm lucky enough to work with her.

Jeanette was always a joy to work with. Our clients enjoyed working with her as well. Jeanette is thorough, friendly, and helpful, all qualities that made her an excellent addition to the team.” 

Leisha Delgado, Founder | CEO
Hello Solutions 


“Through her laser coaching and wise guidance, Jeanette helps me focus and prioritize to take the most important “next step.” With her laser-sharp focus, Jeanette helps me escape from feeling overwhelmed, and leads me back to confident forward motion.”

Rev. Mary Scifres
Author, Coach, Consultant

“Jeanette was so wonderful in helping me get organized and troubleshooting potential issues before they caused problems. I had tremendous peace of mind which allowed me to focus more on my genius and joy zone. She’s accessible and very accommodating. Loved that I could trust her with Simplero and start my coaching program with confidence.” 

Tina Anderson, MA
Raising Vibes and Transforming Lives 

“I can’t say enough great things about Jeanette. I needed someone to step in and take over running the ins and outs of Simplero for a client of mine. Jeanette impressed me so much that instead of having her do a one-time project for me, I ended up having her head this up on an ongoing basis. I have total confidence in Jeanette’s ability not only from a skill level, but also on a professional / personable one. Jeanette will forever be my go-to Simplero specialist.”

Kristi Pavlik, Chief Visionary Officer
Adonai Business Solutions, LLC

“When Jeanette Ortega came into my world I was in need of someone to help my team stay organized, to keep our reporting systems, write our policy and procedures, and generally support my very new and growing team.   Jeanette would come in and seamlessly become the glue for my organization.   Her work is so vital and so necessary.  She works without prompting, always knowing her role, and always meeting deadlines and timelines.   Moreover, I have come to know that Jeanette is kind and funny and culturally someone that we are fortunate to have on our team.   She cares about the details.  I would highly recommend her for any services she offers.  One of the best decisions I made for my company.”

Christine L Beckwith, President & COO
Vision Your Success

“As a busy wife, mother, entrepreneur, and self-prescribed “recovering perfectionist” I spent the first 5 years in my business thinking I could AND should do it all.  I thought because I didn’t have the big budget that other businesses have that I simply had to do it all.  Jeanette was referred to me by a mentor of mine and since we began working together, my business, as well as many aspects of my personal life, have never been the same.

From my very first conversation with Jeanette, several things were clear to me. Jeanette has a passion for what she does and a genuine desire to see her clients’ businesses succeed. I love how Jeanette takes on every task with enthusiasm and is always happy to offer her thoughts and opinions in a way that is both helpful and appreciated.  I truly feel like she sees my success as her success and that is rare to find.  She understands that entrepreneurs hold tightly to their businesses because they are a part of us and that is why I don’t just appreciate what she does for me but the approach, attitude, and passion in which she does it.  Jeanette is a true gem and that is very quickly realized upon working with her.”


Michele Gillman,
Personal Trainer & Fitness Lifestyle Coach

“Jeanette Ortega of Ultimate Virtual Solutions is an integral part of my Virtual Team and I highly recommend her services. Jeanette is very organized, conscientious and completes her tasks on time often going above and beyond what was originally assigned because she saw the need and just took care of it. Working virtually requires a higher level of communication and Jeanette delivers the level of communication needed consistently. If you’re thinking about hiring Jeanette – I highly suggest you do!”

Lynn McKenzie,

“Jeanette is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a “can-do” attitude, is resourceful, has great ideas for improving systems and procedures, and she’s really on the ball regarding getting her work done promptly and completely. She learns very fast but isn’t afraid to ask questions to make sure she has all the details right. She’s organized and is helping me to be better organized.

When Jeanette started working with me I was nearly desperate for help from a competent VA like her. From my first interactions with her, I knew that I was in good hands. I’m confident that she can take on anything I give her, and I look forward to growing my business with her invaluable help. I was looking for a “right hand” assistant who would genuinely care about my business being successful….and I’m delighted that I found her!”

Evelyn Levenson, owner
Human Design for Success

“Jeanette was amazing!! I was in a bind and was short-handed at work and her company Ultimate Virtual Solutions was able to step in and get the job done at a moment’s notice…”

Stephen Burke, Real Estate Agent
Red Mesa Realty 

“I had always put off developing a client and prospect database to manage my outdoor adventure company. I’m great at working the business, but with the emergence of new technology, I needed help. In came Jeanette and her Ultimate Virtual Solutions consulting firm. It saved me time and money. She developed a user-friendly database, organized my email prospects and her suggestion to expand marketing via social media lead to more business. I couldn’t believe how quickly she engaged and accomplished her tasks saving me time and moola. I highly recommend her service especially if time is thin and the need is high. I’ll be calling on her soon with another expansion project so get with her before I do.”

Elias (Lee) Vigil,
Ute Creek Outfitter, LLC

“I worked with Jeanette on many large projects, including a Virtual summit and several giveaways, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Jeanette is an absolute gift and a pleasure to work with. She has extensive knowledge, a can-do attitude, and remains calm in stressful situations. She’s a treasure and a delight; someone I would gladly work with again and again.”

 Elizabeth Alkire, Marketing Expert
Alkire Marketing

“Working with Jeanette is a true joy. She is a detail-oriented person with an eye for project management and customer service. Jeanette is thoughtful with her team, her clients and all of the people she interacts with. Jeanette carries big projects such as Virtual summits and Giveaways through to completion on time and on purpose. She is a dream to work with!”

Gretchen Kehan

“I have been using the services of Ultimate Virtual Solutions to complete web design, graphic design, and maintenance work on my online course/membership website for the past six months. I have found Jeanette and her team of VAs to be very professional. The work I’ve requested has been done to a high standard and on the odd occasion I have had an issue, Jeanette has been very quick to solve this issue for me. I would happily recommend UVS’s services to other business owners in need of VA support.”

 Shelley Hutchinson,

“It was a pleasure working with Jeanette. I liked the fact Jeanette is professional, pro-active, very positive and embraced the tasks & projects we worked on. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

 Vincent Po,
Director & Head of Group Marketing & Technology Ethan Hathaway

“Jeanette and her team at Ultimate Virtual Solutions have been supporting us for several years in one of the biggest events we host.  The folks at UVS are such leaders, so organized, so proficient, and so on top of things, that they manage the vast majority of the details of the project, so we can relax, not worry, know that things are getting done in a timely manner, and allow us to focus on serving our clients and growing our business.

Their team is competent, responsive, courteous, and cares about doing a top-quality job.  I would highly recommend Jeanette and her team at UVS for all your Virtual Assistant needs.”

Kim Clausen,
President, Ready2Go Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Co-Host, Done4You Giveaway of the Century

“Virtual summits and giveaways have a LOT of moving parts, and you need a team that is specifically experienced, responsive (SO important!), consistent and accurate. Jeanette and her team have that in spades!! It has been my pleasure working with her on my own online events, and she was my go-to team when I produced events for my clients.  On top of all the knowledge and professionalism Jeanette brings to the table, she’s also a delight to work with!”

 Linda Claire Puig,
Co-Host, Done4You Giveaway of the Century
Co-host, Next Step Giveaway
Host, On The Road and Making Money Virtual summit
Producer, Rock Your Revenue Giveaway
Producer, Freedom, Heart & Profit Giveaway Extravaganza
Producer, Great Moms Great Life Giveaway

I love working with Jeanette. When I bring someone on my team, I desire a person who will take ownership and lead. This is exactly what Jeanette does. She has taken systems, we’ve struggled with in the past, and had them now running smoothly. She has saved me time and money with her efforts. Jeanette is also a rockstar with Simplero. I’ve used other programs and never maximized their usage. Jeanette has lead our team in making the most of Simplero. “

Bill Simmons,
Chief Business Strategist, Thrive Business Strategies

“Jeanette has been amazing! She gets things done quickly and is always open to taking on new challenges and learning more. Jeanette has been a true blessing in my business!”

Chris Atley,
CEO of

“Although I apparently didn’t win your (grand) prize, I still feel like a winner. Why? Because I just Completed an initial review of your Email Planner and it is superb! Honestly, I can hardly believe you gave this as a gift. You are super-organized, concise and clear in your delivery, without a word wasted. Plus your workshop layouts are great. I will certainly put them to use. In fact, your clarity and flow of presentation was so well done, it inspired me to brainstorm a new and promising campaign.”

Jacqueline Tschetter

“Jeanette Ortega made planning and hosting my first Virtual summit so much easier. With Jeanette’s support, I was able to host my first summit with confidence, not having to worry about the technical side of things while I interviewed my guests. At short notice she quickly moved into action to ensure that everything was in place, from forwarding copy to guest speakers, to creating promotional material and transcripts of the recording, Jeanette brought it all together in quick time for a superb experience. Thank you, Jeanette. 

Eunice Nisbett
The Book Marketing Mentor Unleash Your Potential and Profits

“Within a week of hiring Jeanette, I realized that she was one of the smartest choices I could have made for my business. Her knowledge, skills, willingness to learn, curiosity, tenacity, and pro-active thinking are all incredible gifts to my coaching and speaking practice. Moreover, her delightful personality makes partnering with her a pleasure. With other VAs in the past, I felt like I was asking for too much, or that I was inconveniencing them with my requests. Jeanette always welcomes my requests, which makes it simple for me to delegate tasks I might have taken on myself otherwise. Stop looking around, and just hire Jeanette. Your business – and your life – will be better for it.”

Deborah Grayson Riegel
My Jewish Coach

“I worked with UVS when I hosted my first giveaway event. I chose UVS as my project management team because Jeanette had a successful track record with running these and other events, and I immediately felt comfortable with her and her team. I was pleased with the results of my first event and am thankful Jeanette was always there when I had a question. Thank you, Jeanette!”

Bonnie R. Giller, MS, RD, CDN, CDE Medical Nutrition Therapist

“Working with Ultimate Virtual Solutions has completely changed my life!  They are efficient, thorough and completely “on it” pushing me to get things done and crashing through my to-do list at lightning speed.  If you’re looking for some help in your online business, then check them out.  You won’t regret it.” 

Yvonne Halling
The Bed and Breakfast Queen

“Sure, you could continue to labor over your content creation to the point of hand cramps and backaches (been there!) or shell out thousands for content or a copywriter to create piles upon piles of original content…Or, you–or your team–could start repurposing all the incredible content you already have at your fingertips, and reaping major rewards. The choice is yours.

I love Jeanette Ortega, she is super organized and skilled in the highly technical demands of online marketing.”

Kristen White
CEO, White Media Agency

“My life has got so much easier since working with Ultimate Virtual Solutions. I love the reminders to do tasks, the fact that I know someone is waiting on me to finish a task, and that someone else is doing some of my work for me. Also, with me being in the UK, it really helps that I have someone in a different time zone as it kind of lengthens the day with me doing work in the morning, both of us doing work together in my afternoon, and then when I switch off work is still being done on my business – how good is that? A 15 hour day only I’m not working for 15 hours! I readily recommend you to others all the time, and I know that some of my friends have started to work with you too. It’s an easy recommendation when you know you’ve got a team who’s got your back.”

Zoe Richards
The Success Revolution

“Because Jeanette had been on both sides of the team building equation – she REALLY knows what she’s talking about.”

Kimberly Wise
Certified Online Business Manager

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