Take a look at these Super Easy List-Building Tips

For maximum effect in growing your list, you will want to promote both your free gift and your newsletter. Here are 14 ways you can immediately begin:

Promoting Your Free Gift

1. Add the compelling description of your free gift to your email signature.

2. Promote your free gift in any videos you create.

3. Guest post on other blogs and use your compelling description of your free gift in your author box.

4. Mention your free gift on all your social networking profiles.

5. Post a link to your free gift periodically on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

6. Use article marketing to spread the word by including the compelling description of your free gift in the author box.

7. Promote your free gift on Craigslist and other online classified sites.

8. Bookmark your free gift’s opt-in page on social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon.


9. Link to an example issue of your newsletter that is available for review on your website.

10. Make sure you have a signup link in the newsletter itself.

11. Request that your subscribers pass on the newsletter for word-of-mouth subscriptions.

12. Allow others to reprint your newsletter article with a link for new subscribers.

13. Use co-registration. Agree with other newsletter publishers to promote each other on your thank you pages.

14. Advertise in others’ newsletters. This can be surprisingly inexpensive and effective.


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Jeanette Ortega, the founder and CEO of Ultimate Virtual Solutions, helps business owners tame the chaos of running a business in today’s world. Jeanette has more than 20 years of experience providing coaches, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers with the technical support needed to run a sustainable and successful online business. She has a special passion for helping women succeed in business. Her strategic expertise in the Simplero platform, plus a B.A. in Applied Management and extensive virtual assistant experience, means Jeanette can help lead your business to success. 

Learn more at UltimateVirtualSolutions.comand connect with Jeanette onFacebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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