Today’s tip is the announcement from LinkedIn that all LinkedIn Groups will now be PRIVATE as of TODAY!! LinkedIn’s groups seemed to be a concern to many because of all the spam and self promotion going on in there.

According to Marketing Land  “…For Group owners, the change means they will have to decide whether to make their Group a Standard or Unlisted Group, the only two classifications that will remain after next week. The main difference between the two is control and visibility. Unlisted Groups are… unlisted. They won’t appear in the LinkedIn directory of Groups, Group badges won’t display on members’ profiles, and only owners and managers can invite and approve new members. In Standard Groups, members can invite first-degree LinkedIn connections to join and can also approve requests to join from such connections.”

Other changes include improved moderation, images & mentions in conversations,  content filtering and cutting out subgroups.

To read the article by Marketing Land click here.

Are you active in any LinkedIn groups? If so, what do you think about these changes? Will you be directly affected by these new changes? Let me know! I love hearing from my friends!

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