Do You Ever Wonder How Healthy Your Email List Is? 

Whether you use your email list for sending a newsletter, promotional emails or simply to stay in touch with the people that have expressed interest in your business, it’s essential for you to measure and track the following key elements to know how your list is performing for you and see how healthy your email list is.

Sent mail 

means the number of emails that actually went through your email service provider system.  The number is not always the same as the size of your list because that list may contain some email addresses that are no longer valid.

Delivered mail 

is the number of emails that were sent and not rejected by the recipient. This rejection can occur at the receiving server which means your email may never land in the intended inbox and never be seen, even in a junk or trash folder.

Unsubscribe –

You are required to include a link on every automatically sent email that allows the recipient to easily unsubscribe from your list. Your unsubscribe rate is the percentage of recipients who leave – it’s typical to have a 0.20% rate.

Bounced mail –

is the term for email sent but not delivered. Reasons for bouncing include a mailbox being full, an email server is down somewhere, too large a file size for your email, an invalid email address, and having your email server blocked by the recipient’s server. Your email service provider should automatically remove email addresses that continue to bounce from your list.

Marked as Spam –

is exactly what it sounds like: the percentage of people who have reported your email as spam. It’s vital to keep this number as low as possible and the most important step to do that is to email ONLY people who have requested it.

Open Rate –

is how many recipients opened your email. This is a difficult thing to track and is often incorrect. Some factors affecting open rates include whether the recipient has previews showing for their emails, if they have images turned off for emails and whether they are using a mobile device to check email.

In addition, make sure you know whether your email service provider reports “Unique Opens” or “Total Opens.” While you should not completely trust the Open Rate numbers that you get, you will find them useful for following trends and comparing one email to another.

Click Thru Rate –

when you have a link, image, or button in your email, you can track the number of people who click that item. The Click Rate is the number of Clicks divided by the number of emails. 5% is often considered a good Click Thru Rate. (Remember that the fewer people that open the email, the fewer that can possibly click anything.)


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