Health experts have over the past decade criticized technology as being bad for individual body wellness. This is hugely attributed to the sedentary lifestyle where folks spend more time sitting in front of a desk operating a computer with minimal movement at work. Despite such negative effects, there are also plenty of benefits for adopting the use of technology to our daily lifestyle. Today, software development enthusiasts in the field of apps and website design have a new story of how technology has immensely contributed to shaping the healthcare industry and improving personal healthcare. Here is a list of different ways that technology can be used to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

i) Better access to healthcare specialists by patients in interior places such as rural areas

Technology has spread widely over the past decade to all corners of the world. Through the use of the internet, a patient from anywhere in the world has the ability to access different healthcare websites and get in touch with a genuine doctor anytime.

ii) Enhanced collaboration between healthcare professional and patient

These sites have features such as instant messenger or chat box, which enable real nurses and doctors to collaborate easily in monitoring the patient’s health. Through these platforms, a patient is able to ask medical questions and get factual answers from professional doctors and nurses. If it happens you have not adapted to the digital age of the internet, you can also use a telephone or mobile to contact a doctor for assistance concerning your health issues.

iii) Greater satisfaction by the patient after treatment

Technology has brought better satisfaction to the patient as they can get fast access to a nurse or doctor, who can determine their symptoms and immediately give medical advice. This helps to protect the health of the patient and also boosts patient confidence, as some people suffer from fear of hospitals also known as nosocomephobia. Through technology, this phobia is eliminated as patients can now visit an online website to talk to a real doctor. This has greatly encouraged such people to open up and seek medical attention without much anxiety of visiting a hospital.

iv) Lesser cases of hospital readmission of the patient

Since technology enables efficient communication between patient and doctor, there is less need for visiting the hospital unless you have a severe health problem that requires immediate admission. Early detection of health problems has significantly improved since minor illnesses are treated on time before they grow into major sickness. This has reduced the occasions a patient needs to visit the hospital since they can report their health progress through various channels of communication.

v) Prolong life and give a better quality of healthcare

Technology has become the key driver of the seismic changes being experienced in the entire healthcare industry. This development is mainly attributed to the use of mobile health monitors and wellness apps which prolong life by allowing doctors to analyze and monitor vital health pointers such as patient stress levels and heart rate. Thus, technology has empowered people by helping to prevent diseases through healthy lifestyle choices.

Jen Starr is part of the community team at Next Day PC. Jen enjoys staying on top of the latest tech trends and sharing how new tech can positively impact people’s lives.

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