Now it’s time to interview your new team members.  Some suggestions:

  1. Send questionnaires. These allow you to really think about what you want your potential hire to know and what you want to ask.  They’re a good “introduction” to both of you. If you both communicate better in person or by telephone, however – for example, if you are hiring a videographer – adjust your initial communication to your mutual learning styles and preferences.  
  • Meet in person, if you discover you live within driving distance of each other
  • Talk or Skype strictly by telephone initially
  • Skype each other via web cam, if you’re both comfortable with that
  1. Don’t make a decision on the spot. Instead, thank your candidate for her time, reassure her that you have really enjoyed getting to hear about her talents and business, and let her know exactly when she can expect to next hear from you. If you are anxious about “losing” her if you don’t engage her immediately, try her out with a small project or project component.
  1. Do realize that online contractors will almost certainly have more than one client. (Otherwise, you could find yourself legally called “an employer”!)

         Ask during the initial interview how much time they can offer you per month, should you decide you need them on a regular basis.

  1. Do have more than one interview. In fact, the more you are able to talk to them, the better.  If you’re comfortable in doing this, ask to connect to them on mutual social networks.
  2. Encourage your candidate to ask detailed questions – and in turn, be specific about what your projects or duties for you would entail.
  3. Let your candidate know how to contact you. And if you hire him/her, do agree on a trial period, at first.

Hiring Order:

If you are planning to have more than one contractor as part of your dream team, consider your hiring order.

Don’t hire a project manager, for example, until you have something for her to sink her teeth into – either complex projects, with multiple departments or suppliers at the client end, or multiple sub-contractors of your own for her to manage.

Start out with someone you can easily communicate with and supervise yourself, even if you’re planning to add more team members.  That way, you have the option of getting the bugs ironed out and perfecting communication and processes between the two of you before you add more people to the mix.

At this point you will be well prepared – and well on your way – to setting up your Dream Team!  Keep lines of communication open, remember that your contractors are ordinary people who want to succeed, just like you… and always remember to thank and appreciate them.

After all, they’re the ones willing to help you take your business to the next level, so be sure to return the favor with timely recommendations and a dream working relationship.

Make your dreams come true!

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