Now comes the moment you have been waiting for:  Finding your perfect team members.

If you don’t already have someone in mind per position, here is how to ensure that you find and hire the best candidates for the job…

  1. Find your perfect online employee or contractor… online. Before you start to Google, however, check the social networks you use most.  Top contractors should have a visible professional presence there – and how they handle their LinkedIn profile or Facebook Page should tip you off as to their competence and the way they do business.
  2. Check appropriate online directories such as or Familiarize yourself with them all: You may find that one particular directory will work better for your needs than others.

The advantages of agency-type directories?  Some amount of screening does go on with the more reputable ones such as those mentioned above. 

Payments are made in escrow, which means funds are not released to the freelancer until you have acknowledged to the agency your receipt of the work and (in some cases) satisfaction.
This stops you from being ripped off by a fabulous-sounding candidate who asks for all or partial payment up front… then disappears off the face of the planet.

It also helps protect you against predators, financial or otherwise – the biggest drawback of using public, unscreened directories such as Craigslist (If you do use a public directory, make sure you set proper security in motion: 

Don’t give out your address or any personal, identifiable information that could be used for security fraud and insist on payment on delivery of at least the first draft or version of a project.

  1. Look for who you know – both business peers and contractors. Who do you talk to in your social networks?  Business mastermind forums?  You don’t want to hire your best friend (that rarely ever works) but you probably have become familiar with people in certain fields over the years, even if they are just friends of friends.

If you do hire someone you know well or have until now strictly socialized with, be aware that the comfortable dynamic you now enjoy may change – for better or worse – when you enter into an employer/employee or client/contractor relationship. 

Ask for recommendations.  Let your needs be known in a straightforward manner – and finish by asking for recommendations or leads. 

Stay Tuned for Step Four!! 🙂

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