Imagine you had a coaching client who consistently failed to complete her tasks for the week.

  • She couldn’t find the time to get her email opt-in page completed.
  • She was too busy to write the next chapter of her book.
  • She was working too hard and completely forgot to put together her webinar presentation.

It wouldn’t take long before you sat her down for a serious talk about the future of your coaching relationship—and her business. After all, you can see her potential, you are working to help her build the business of her dreams, however, she is not putting forth the effort. A coaching client such as that is a frustrating waste of time.

What Are You Doing?

Why, then, do you continue to accept these and other excuses from

yourself? How are you allowing your lack of business development to continue, even when you know how important those tasks are to your future growth? If this is not you, great! You are working the plan and making things happen! If it is you, and I bet it is most of us, then it is time to make a change.

Now, before you go thinking I’m being way too hard on you, know this: we all struggle with this very issue at some point in our businesses. We all put our clients, our family, our friends, and even the neighbor we barely know before ourselves. OK, true confession time here, in my case, even the DOG is ahead of me on occasion! So don’t judge me and I won’t judge you! That said, what are we going to do to change it?

Make The Change And Fix It!

Let’s start right here and right now, after all, you are large and in charge! I’m giving you permission to stop putting everything and everyone first, and start treating yourself like the VIP you really are. In other words, YOU are a VIP and you need to treat yourself as one.

It’s time to put your business growth ahead of that of your clients. Only by doing that will you be able to reach a larger audience, help more people, and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. I know, as you read this you are asking yourself, “how, how do I make time for my business needs when my plate is so full.”

The simplest way to do this is to just make appointments with yourself. That hour or two you have free on Thursday afternoon? Don’t book a client call in that spot. Book yourself. Mark it on your calendar, and treat it as an unbreakable appointment, just as you would an appointment with a client or your doctor or your accountant.

Most importantly, spend that time working on the things that are important to the continued growth of your business.

  • Develop a new group coaching program
  • Write a chapter of your upcoming book
  • Write emails for your autoresponder
  • Reach out to JV partners
  • Plan your marketing for the next month or quarter
  • Brainstorm the next BIG THING you want to do

In short, do those things you tell your clients to do—the things your own coach is likely advising. Don’t push them aside for “later” or “after your client work is done.” Face it the client work is never done, thankfully! So, elevate yourself to VIP client status and start putting yourself first. Your business will thank you for it and the results will speak for themselves.

Are you ready?  Make it happen! Would you rather just hire someone to help you work through this? Click here to schedule a time to chat with me.


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