Content marketing can be hard work, but there are tools to make it easier and help automate sharing your content on social media. Here are some of my favorite tools for sharing your amazing content:

Buffer –

Buffer allows you to share content on all social platforms at once, as well as offering features that help you schedule your publishing and monitor its performance.

PostPlanner – 

PostPlanner has more features than Buffer. They have a search engine built in that analyzes content on the internet and you can share articles that are recommended right from your account. Never run out of ideas. They have conversation starters, articles, etc. Once you upload your content, they have a reuse feature so they can recycle your posts. 

WP Social Sharing –

If you’re currently using WordPress, this plugin adds share buttons on your site. People can click on the social media icon and instantly share your piece to their networks. 

PR NewsWire –

PR NewsWire allows you to send out content to thousands of news agencies and bloggers at once. You can write a press release any time you have some timely news to share, such as a new product or service, a change in your company, a new content channel, etc.

There are so many more tools you can use beyond these. I know when I was choosing what tools to use in my business, I felt overwhelmed. So overwhelmed that I would just put it off and it would sit on my to-do list. 

Here’s my advice for choosing the right tools: 

  • Start simple. Choose something free and easy-to-use first; then, you’ll know what advanced features you might need.
  • Read reviews and take trials. Try out the tool before you start implementing it. You can always change your mind. Nothing is set in stone. 
  • Don’t lock yourself in on a yearly contract unless you are sure you are going to use the platform long term.

If content marketing feels overwhelming to you, let me help you! Sign up for my short self-study course Content Repurposing Workshop: Don’t Rewrite, Reuse by clicking here.

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