Let’s get real for a minute here. For content marketing to work, you need a constant flow of high-quality content, which means you need an endless supply of ideas.

Many content creators, find that the best practice is to keep an ongoing list of ideas by jotting down your ideas in a notebook or on your phone when you get an idea. Then when it’s time to sit down and produce content, you can refer to this list.

By keeping a notebook or your phone handy to write down your ideas when inspiration hits, you’ll probably find it growing well beyond your needs.

Here are some places to look for ideas for your list:

  • Answer questions. Find questions your audience is asking on Quora, Reddit, or other question and answer sites, online forums, or social media.
  • Common problems your customers face. Think of questions people often ask you. If you don’t get asked questions, then ask your tribe yourself.
  • The content your audience consumes. See what other blogs, social media profiles, or content creators they follow. If you don’t know, ask them!
  • Conduct keyword searches. Find high-volume keywords that people are searching for related to your business.
  • Search for trending hashtags on social media sites.
  • Your best performing content. Look at content that received a lot of likes, comments, and shares, and see if there’s a way to duplicate that success.
  • Find people to interview. Oprah made her career by interviewing people!
  • Come right out and ask your audience what they’d like to see you cover.

Always be on the lookout for ideas you can use.

Did you recently read an article or email about a topic you are familiar with and found that the author left out key elements? Write a blog post or email, or both to share your opinion and knowledge on the topic. 

In the next few emails, I’ll give you even more ideas for content that will entertain, educate, and engage your audience.

If you’d like to learn more about creating content without reinventing the wheel sign up for my Content Repurposing Workshop: Don’t Rewrite, Reuse by clicking here.

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